6 Tips for Sticking to Your Budget This Christmas


Every year there are reports on the news about how deeply in debt people become every Christmas. It is possible to have a nice Christmas without maxing out the credit cards.  Here are a few simple tips that could save you a bundle. Hide the Credit Cards By not using credit cards you are already […] Read more…

2016 Holiday Gift Guide Product Search


Mod Mama Marketplace is searching for the hot holiday items to include in our Annual Holiday Gift Guide magazine. It does not cost anything to have your product placed in our guide. The following information is needed to submit your product. Product Name Product Image Product Write up (40 words or less) Website Address Product […] Read more…

Upcoming Mom Promotions – Deadline Approaching


We have some promotions coming up for August.  Deadline to promote your business is July 23, 2016 MamaPreneur of the Month We are actively searching for the NEXT MamaPreneur of the Month. Are you NEXT?!?  Do YOU want to be featured? For inquiry, please provide us with a brief description about yourself and your business. Once […] Read more…

5 Things Every Nursery Needs

Baby Nursery

As you prepare for the birth of your child, no doubt you have already set up a nursery for the new arrival. Between the baby shower and other items you may have purchased, there is no doubt the new baby’s nursery has every possible thing you could think of. Just in case, here are 5 […] Read more…

Birthday Party Etiquette Tips

birthday party with kids

Kids’ birthday parties are lots of fun, but planning them can be somewhat stressful. There are decorations and favors to buy, refreshments to choose, and games to plan. For the guests, there are arrangements to make and gifts to buy. And throughout it all, there are lots of etiquette issues to consider on both sides. […] Read more…

Fun and Educational Games for School Age Children


Once your child enters school, they are able to learn even more than you have started to teach them at home. Don’t let that learning stop at school. Here are some great ideas for fun and educational games that you can play with your school age children to reinforce what they learn in school. Kids […] Read more…

Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas


Every family has its favorite dishes for the holidays, traditions that have been passed down year after year.  Maybe it is time to spice things up and introduce some new recipes or at least make some variations to some favorites.  It’s a good idea to incorporate family favorites from your spouse’s family (if you can […] Read more…

Fun and Hilarious Gift Ideas for Women


If you’re not sure quite what to get a particular woman on your list, why not just have fun with it? Here are some great ideas for just about any woman, whether she’s a wine-lover, sarcasm maven or simply a wonder woman. #1: Remote Control Your Man http://www.amazon.com/Control-Your-Woman-Remote-Controller/dp/B0015S1AHI Finally, revolutionary device to help women turn […] Read more…

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips


Halloween is a great day for kids, but is also one in which caution and safety should be utilized.  Here are some tips, some of which have been recommended by the National Safety Council. Ensure a parent or guardian accompanies the kids when they go out trick-or-treating. If you have older kids who are going […] Read more…

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