Grow Your Business

At ModMama Marketplace our goal is to help you promote and grow your business. ModMama is advertised to moms who love to shop through various channels such as expo events, direct mailings, website advertising, and social media.  We showcase our directory as a “Shopping Mall” in hopes that our shopping moms will visit and go to your website to SHOP.  Below is an outline of how we can help you grow your business.

All of the services below are free.  I do require all who participate in the free services be included in our business directory and help promote ModMama in some way.  Therefore, please add your business today!!!

MamaPreneur of the Month – Each month we showcase a new mom of the month. As much as we love to make your products shine, we also love to help toot your own horn and get to know the mom behind the business. Not only will you be mentioned in the newsletter and on our website, you will also be showcased on our blog and to our twitter followers and facebook fans.  We do ask if you could share this awesome attribute with your fans and followers as well….HELP SPEAD THE LOVE!

Marketplace Directory – The mother-load of our site!  If  you are not listed here, our moms cannot find you.  They come here to find products and businesses to shop from.  The directory is free for a basic listing.  So make sure you get listed TODAY!

Cool Mama Pix – This is our Top 10 Products.  Each month, we showcase nothing but the best in top products. Want your products to be considered?  You can go to our advertising page for submission   Everything is considered from mom inventions to new twists on the classics.  If chosen, you will be sent a really cute Cool Mama Pix Top 10 Product Ribbon.  This is a digital ribbon you can place on your product description page.  Cool Mama Pix Products are promoted on our blog, newsletter, Facebook & Twitter.


Contests – Contests are sometimes hard to get going if you don’t have the right resources to promote it.  If you have a contest and would like for us to help promote it to our moms, then send us the information and requirements for entering, we can help make your contest a success.  BENEFITS:  we advertise your contest in the “contest” section of our website for you and include it in our blog. You collect the leads each  month that the contest is running.  Again, go to our advertising page to submit your contest.

Coupons -If you have a coupon you would like to offer, you can send us your information and we will set up a basic online coupon. The coupon will be added to our coupon section of the website. For graphic coupons, the size is approximately 430×185 or you can submit a text only coupon.

ModMama Linkies – This is a great way for you to acquire twitter followers and facebook fans. All you have to do is go to each individual linky page to add your business information.  We just ask if someone follows you or becomes a fan, that you do the same for them.  There are quick links on our home page to submit your link information.

ModMama Advertising – While I would love to offer everything for FREE, I do have to pay the bills as it takes a lot of time and commitment to keep ModMama moving forward.  Please consider purchasing advertising on our website and through advertising in our Gift Guides.

Our Shopping & Gift Guides – We do 3 magazine/guides each year made up of your wonderful products. You can submit your products for placement in these guides. View our Media Kit for more information and deadlines. It is free for product placement in the guide, we do charge for advertising space in the magazines.

I think this about covers it for now.  I am always open to new suggestions and ideas on how ModMama can help promote your business, so email me anytime with your thoughts. Some items above may or may  not be available yet.  Some I will be implementing later on, I wanted you to know what is in store for future opportunities to help you promote your business.